Welcome 10th Graders!

This Wiki has been created specifically for the 10th Grade Design Tech Class for Le Jardin Academy, 2011-2012. Here you'll have a place to go in order to access resources and information relative to your Design Tech class. This wiki, like all wiki's, is a website that everyone of us can edit and modify according to how we wish to collaborate and work together on our units for this year. While this space is designed for "work", that doesn't mean we can't use this space to make learning fun!! :)

Remember as you use this Wiki that we are all following the 4 Agreements and the student computer and internet use policies just like in class or on campus. Be sure to use this site appropriately and safely as it is a privilege and not a right to be a member here. Good LUCK this year.

Here are some links to our unit content that I'm sure your interested in:

The Design Cycle Walk-through
Unit 1 - Introduction to the Design Cycle (Athletes In Training)
Unit 2 - Wasted Space
Unit 3 - Paradigm Shift Ahead