Group Members: Michaela, Alana

Athlete in Training: Water Polo Player - I2

Essential Investigative Questions and Prompts:

State the task in your own words, and why it is important to you and to others (in your community and the world wide community):

  • Helps others become better and more healthy athletes

  • Raises awareness to safe exercise and good nutrition
  • Makes others as well as yourself aware of their athletic level and ability
  • Informs people in the community where they can practice and compete, and provides contact information.
  • Creates well-rounded athletes
  • Recommended activities and practices for athletes

State how the task is related to the AoI (and the guiding question):

  • Our AoI is community and service

  • Making something for the community to use

  • Sharing skills and knowledge through multimedia
  • Share research on water polo player nutrition, weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and locations for practice

Investigate and list available tools and resources and list them here:

  • internet

  • books
  • newspaper articles
  • HD-DV pocket camera
  • microphone
  • green screen or set of 3 key lights
  • tripod
  • coaches for interview
  • weight machines (see other list)
  • iMac
  • iMovie
  • Teachers

Write a concise description of the task and your solution (‘Design Brief’) addressing ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’:

this video is to help water polo players, athletes, students, and members of the community who have an interest for water polo.

The video is a guide to a healthy nutrition, weight training, coaching, cardiovascular exercise. It also provids locations for practice of the sport. This video is to help others perform this sport to their fullest ability, promote a healthy lifestyle, educate the community, and help improve proformance. we will post this video online so that this information will be avalible to anyone seeking information about water polo.

  • who
    • water polo players
    • athletes
    • students
    • members of the community
  • what
    • a guide to healthy:
      • nutrition
      • weight training
      • coaching
      • cardiovascular exercise
    • contact information and locations for practice of the sport
  • why
    • to help others perform this sport to their fullest ability
    • promote a healthy lifestyle for water polo players, other athletes, regular people
    • educate the community
    • help improve performance
  • how
    • make a video with information about water polo and health
    • post the video online so that it will be available to anyone seeking information about water polo

Make a list of specifications that your product and presentation MUST have (‘Design Specification’):


  • a set of storyboards that give a preview of what is expected in the video

  • a script that has dialogue which accompanies each scene
  • range of training concepts
  • various camera techniques
  • detailed descriptions of action
  • 3 machines and 2 stretches per a persosn
  • work cited page
  • 3 contact information
  • 3 locations
  • reflections about what each member did

List 4 different sources, and cite them properly (You need at least 4 and they must eventually be in MLA format):

Summarize how useful and reliable each source was:

Describe a set of ‘Tests for Success’ that you will perform on your product to see if your solution was successful (Think of each of the design specs you must meet and how you can test them individually!):

  • Provide a survey for them to fill out and submit to test effectiveness and usefulness
  • Show the video to the specific athlete and ask if it is useful to them.
show the video to the water polo coach