Unit 2 - How do people use their creativity to positively effect their quality of life?

Plan Phase Instructions

In the Plan Phase, student's will show evidence that they have determined what chronological tasks must be accomplished, what materials/equipment/knowledge is needed and an approximation on when each task or step will begin and when it will end. This phase of the process will be recorded in the student's design portfolio document and will be used as the guideline that leads them to successfully create their product in the next phase. Students should try their best to adhere to the plans they create, however, in the event that as the student is constructing their product or prototype, they feel that the plan or design must be amended, students should be sure to take note of this in their process journals.

If you already know that will be creating a prototype and not the actual product, your plan should include two separate parts. One that focuses and highlights what steps would followed to create the actual product and what steps will be taken to create the prototype.

Plan Phase Rubric and Checklist

Required project elements in Criterion C – Plan
  • Wasted Space task list section of your design portfolio should include the following information for each task:
    • Detailed information about each task
    • What resources/materials/equipment/knowledge/assistance will be needed
    • When will this task be started/completed and an approximation on the approximate time it will take
  • The students produce a plan that contains a number of detailed, logical steps that shows effective use of time and resources.
  • The students produce a plan that contains a number of logical steps that include resources and time.
  • The students produce a plan that makes reference to some resources and time.
  • The students do not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors.

Students are welcome to use the from Unit 1 as a guideline for how the information in the planning phase of your portfolio document should be laid out. Please visit the Design Cycle walk through page for more information about this phase of the unit plan.