Unit 2 - Investigation

Unit 2 - How do people use their creativity to positively effect their quality of life?

In the investigation phase, students will begin to seek and search out the problems in their personal environments that are a cause of stress or anxieity. Students will better define the scope of the problem by asking themselves:

What is the history of the problem?
What steps have been taken in the past to deal with the issue?
How does the problem effect your life?
What products are already on the market that are meant to solve this issue?

Students will research the problem and create a design brief or personal goal statment explaining:

What am I attempting to create?
How will I go about creating it?
Why is it important to create this as part of the solution to the problem?
Who will benefit from this product?

Students will take their ideas and create a set of specifications (requirements and constraints) that the eventual product must meet. These specification will be the indicators of a successful product. Students will also need to produce some initial ideas on what types of testing methods will be employed to test the product against the specifications.

Any outside research done should be collected and shown in a works cited area complete with full references.

Investigation Rubric

Achievement level
‡ The student explains the problem, discussing its relevance.
‡ The student critically investigates the problem, evaluating information from a broad range of appropriate, acknowledged sources.
‡ The student describes detailed methods for appropriate testing to evaluate the product/solution against the design specification.
‡ The student describes the problem, mentioning its relevance.
‡ The student investigates the problem, selecting and analyzing information from some acknowledged sources.
‡ The student describes a test to evaluate the product/solution against the design specification.
‡ The student states the problem.
‡ The student investigates the problem, collecting information from sources.
‡ The student lists some specifications.
‡ The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors given above