Unit 2 - Evaluation

Unit 2 - How do people use their creativity to positively effect their quality of life?


In the evaluation stage, students will take an opportunity to evaluate both their product/prototype and their own performance and participation through the design cycle.

Students are asked to use the design specifications created in the investigation stage to test their product or prototype in order to determine it's success. Students should try to use the testing methods selected in the investigation stage or modify these tests to better suit the product or prototype now that it has been constructed. In order to garner objective feedback, students will need to involve others in the testing stage to insure accurate and unbiased results. Students should also suggest areas in which they feel their product or prototype could have been improved.

Students are also asked to reflect on the the process they went through in the investigation, design, planning, and creation phase of the project. Students area asked to reflect on areas they feel they could have improved upon for the next unit.

Some example questions that students might use to help them in their reflection include:

Possible Evaluation Questions
  1. Your Product (Don’t forget to use some of the data you collected in your survey to inform these answers.)
    • What was the strongest aspect of the product? What's worked best?
    • What would you have wanted to continue to work on and why?
    • If your project was continued and improved, what do you predict would be the result
    • Did you experiment with anything in this project? Did you try anything new as a designer?
    • How motivated/interested were you in the project? Was your motivation and interest constant? Explain why or why not.
    • If you had to do the project again, what would you change about the product?
    • What difference did your final product make in the end?
    • What did you learn from this project?
  2. Your Performance

For each stage, think about and mention what you did well and what you could have improved upon. Below are some additional and specific things to consider while reflecting on each phase.
  1. Investigate
    • Did you set realistic and testable design specifications?
    • Did you look at a wide variety of sources?
  2. Design
    • Did you evaluate each design fairly or were you biased towards one of them from the start?
  3. Plan
    • Did you know how you were going to build your project before you started or did you change a lot of things as you went along?
    • What does your answer above tell you about your plan?
  4. Create
    • Did you use your time wisely in class?
    • Were you able to do everything you wanted to do?
    • What problems prevented you from achieving everything you wanted to do?
    • Were these problems caused by planning, technical difficulties, or something else?
    • How could they have been avoided?

Evaluation Phase Guiding Questions Rubric:

  • The student evaluates the success of the product/solution in an objective manner based on the results of testing, and the views of the intended users.
  • The student provides an evaluation of his or her own performance ateach stage of the design cycle and suggests improvements.
  • The student provides an appropriate evaluation of the impact of the product/solution on life, society and/or the environment.
  • The student evaluates the product/solution and his or her own performance and suggests ways in which these could be improved.
  • The student tests the product/solution to evaluate it against the design specification.
  • The student evaluates the product/solution or his or her own performance, with guidance.
  • The student makes some attempt to test the product/solution.
  • The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors.