Design a Product/Solution

The design section of the Design Cycle is where you create several different possibilities to solve the design problem. You need to create a range of designs for the product/solution and all design ideas need to be evaluated against the design specifications.

From the design that you have created, you will select the design that you think is the best. You then explain why your chosen design, the one you will create, is the best.

Students can sketch, use 3D AutoCad software, or reproduce their designs in the way they best see fit. Designs should be clearly labeled to indicate dimensions, materials, color, or any other descriptors that would provide information for the viewer. All designs should be reflective of the design specifications and will need to be judged against them.

Design Rubric

Achievement level
  • The student generates a range of feasible designs, each evaluated against the design specification.
  • The student justifies the chosen design and evaluates it fully and critically against the design specification.
  • The student justifies the choice of one design and fully evaluates this against the design specification.
  • The student generates one design, and makes some attempt to justify this against the design specification.
  • The student does not reach a standard described by the descriptors above

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