Unit 2 - How do people use their creativity to positively effect their quality of life?

Create Phase Instructions

In the Create Phase of the unit, students will follow the plan they created to produce their product, a prototype of the product, or a solution that includes a system around a product the student already has in place (i.e. working out a system for making better use of an existing dresser.) The student should use appropriate techniques and tools to produce a product or solution of the best possible quality given access to materials and resources they available to them. Evidence of the student's participation throughout the creation of the product must be shown as part of the process journal section of the design portfolio document. Acceptable evidence could include chronological journalistic evidence such as text entries, images of the student working on the product, or video capturing details of the products creation.

In the event that the student chooses to (or is unable to) create the final product, they are asked to create a prototype of the product. The prototype has all the same features and keeps the same form as the product yet is made of alternative materials the student has access to. Prototypes can be made of a similar size to the product or can be created to scale.

Students who already have organizational products and structures at home have the option to create a system of organization that makes better use of the resources as an alternative to creating a product or prototype. The system would need to be documented in such a way that anyone needing to use the system would have access to clear instructions for replication and management of the steps needed to use the system. A system might also be created in the event that the student chooses to collect or purchase already created commercial products that are brought together to work a a whole.

It is up to the student and parents discretion to choose what an acceptable budget would be to create either product or prototype, however, students will not loose any points if the products or prototypes are made from already available resources, materials and tools. Students will have the opportunity to receive full credit for this phase of the product without having to spend any money if they so choose.

Create Phase Rubric

Criterion D: create
Achievement level
  1. The student competently uses appropriate techniques and equipment.
  2. The student follows the plan and justifies any modifications made, resulting in a product/solution of appropriate quality using the resources available.
  1. The student uses appropriate techniques and equipment.
  2. The student follows the plan and mentions any modifications made, resulting in a product/solution of good quality.
  1. The student considers the plan and creates at least part of a product/solution.
  1. The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors given above

Files for Practice: