Unit 1 - How can I pull my own weight?

Plan Phase Instructions

In the Plan Phase, student groups will produce a Step-by-Step Task List that details what must be accomplished, who is responsible (or involved), what materials/equipment is needed, an approximation on when the task will begin and when it will end. This document will help the student groups keep on task and on time with the production of their training video and ensure that the groups have what they need - when they need it. Groups should try their best to adhere to the plans they create, however, in the event that a plan is deviate from or needs to be changed, students should be sure to take note of this in their process journals.

(*At the end of class on September 7th, your Design Tech instructor will give you a temporary grade for your Task List, Shot List and Group Calendar. This temporary grade will only be an indication of what you would earn if no more work was done on the them. The Plan Phase documents will be regraded after the product is due on September 20th. Any changes made between the 7th and the 20th will affect the final grade given for the planning stage.)

Plan Phase Rubric and Checklist

Required project elements in Criterion C – Plan
  • Athlete’s in Training Tasklist with the following information for each task
    • Detailed information about each task
    • Who is responsible/who is involved
    • What resources/materials/equipment will be needed
    • When will this task be started/completed and an approximation on the approximate time it will take
  • The students produce a plan that contains a number of detailed, logical steps that shows effective use of time and resources.
  • The students produce a plan that contains a number of logical steps that include resources and time.
  • The students produce a plan that makes reference to some resources and time.
  • The students do not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors.

Template Files

Step-by-Step Task List Template File: