Unit 1 - Introduction to the Design Cycle through Cinematography

5 Major Parts of Cinematography (Filmography/Videography)

  1. Camera Shots
  2. Camera Angles
  3. Camera Movement
  4. Composition
  5. Lighting

Here is a video that looks at each of these areas with multiple examples of each.

Each of you will participate in a group of three to do and share research on the following topics:
Group Concept
Group Number
Group Members
Group Basic Shot Videos*
Camera Angle

High and Low Angle
Group 3
Carly, Madeline, Kristen
Group 3 Video
Bird's Eye/Overhead
Group 9
Alana, Ingmar, Daniel, Michale
Group 9 Video
Group 13
Kelly, Mary, Madison, Makena
Group 13 Video
Camera Movement

Group 5
Ashley, Quinn, Alex
Group 5 Video
Group 1
Leah, Terrill, Jamie, Taylor, Haelee
Group 1 Video
Group 2
David, Brad, Dylan
Group 2 Video
Group 4
Jasmine, Kiana, Olivia, Nick
Group 4 Video
Camera Angles & Composition

Group 8
Danni, Casey, Erin
Group 8 Video
Insert Shots
Group 7
Devin, Cameron, Michael, Stig
Group 7 Video
Depth of Field
Group 10
Katie, Jacob, Zoe, Ty
Group 10 Video
Rule of Thirds
Group 6
Mary, Emily, Claire, Michela
Group 6 Video
Point of View Shots
Group 11
Nichole, Zach, Briana, David
Group 11 Video

Hard Light
Group 12
Ed, Ivor, Cory
Group 12 Video
Soft Light
Group 15
Chris, Johnson, Evan, Ty
Group 15 Video
3-Point Lighting
Group 14
Katie, Jordan, Sydney, Anna, Arianna
Group 14 Video

*The password for all videos is: bulldogs

Group Task One (Due on August 29th)

The groups will reserch the topic they selected. Group members will then design and edit their topic page to inform and educate their peers in the following areas:
  • How to use the camera to produce this effect or technique
  • What the effect and technique is used for (how it communicates to the audience)
  • How someone could use the technique or effect in the upcoming project

Group Task Two (Due on September 7th)

The group will produce and embed a video clip that provides an example of the technique while answering the questions above. All information presented should include references and links to where the information was found.

Criteria Score
Rubric Indicators
  • Video answers all three questions clearly and completely
  • Complete use of “good filming/editing” practices
    • lighting, sound, titles, transitions
    • range of camera angles, camera shots and camera movement
  • Comprehensive evidence of total group effort
  • Video shared/posted on time
  • Video answers all three questions to some degree
  • Partial use of “good filming/editing” practices
    • lighting, sound, titles, transitions
    • range of camera angles, camera shots and camera movement
  • Group effort is often evident
  • Video shared/posted on time
  • Video is incomplete with some questions partially answered
  • Infrequent use of “good filming/editing” practices
    • lighting, sound, titles, transitions
    • camera angles, camera movement, camera shots
  • Group effort is rarely evident
  • Video shared or posted late
  • No evidence or product turned in