Unit 1 - How can I pull my own weight?

"Athletes in Training" Evaluation

In the Evaluation Phase, students will have an opportunity to test their product/solution (in this case training video) against their specifications to determine what successful impact it has on the problem. Students will determine what appropriate feedback procedures they will follow to generate objective and qualitative feedback which will be used to analyses their product. Students will also be asked to provide evidence of reflections on their use of the Design Cycle process while creating their product. This is an opportunity for students to look back and determine what they would do differently if given the opportunity to improve upon any and every phase of the process. The students' Reflection Report will contain both product evaluations and self evaluations in separate areas. Students are expected to use the Evaluation Rubric and guiding questions posted below to assist in the generation of the report.

(*The students Reflection Report is DUE on September 26th, 2011. The report will be turned in on the ManageBac website. A link is provided below for student convenience.

All students (or student groups) wanting to improve their original "temporary" score on the Investigate, Design, and Plan phases are instructed to re-submit these amended documents for re-evaluation. All documents must be received by September 26th, 2011to quality for re-evaluation.

Evaluation Phase Guiding Questions Rubric:

  • The student evaluates the success of the product/solution in an objective manner based on the results of testing, and the views of the intendedusers.
  • The student provides an evaluation of his or her own performance ateach stage of the design cycle and suggests improvements.
  • The student provides an appropriate evaluation of the impact of the product/solution on life, society and/or the environment.
  • The student evaluates the product/solution and his or her own performance and suggests ways in which these could be improved.
  • The student tests the product/solution to evaluate it against the design specification.
  • The student evaluates the product/solution or his or her own performance, with guidance.
  • The student makes some attempt to test the product/solution.
  • The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors.

Evaluation Phase Guiding Questions:
  • Have I evaluated my performance at each stage of the design cycle; how I did, and how I could have done better?
  • Have I evaluated my product point by point against the design specification to see if it was successful?
  • Have I tested the product exactly the way I said I would in the INVESTIGATE section, and included the results of the testing?
  • Have I discussed the impact of the product on me, others, and my environment?
  • Have I explained how the product/solution relates to the AOIs and the essential unit question provided?
  • Have I gotten feedback from my teacher if I am unclear on any part of the evaluate section?