Group Members: Bradley, Nick, Alex

Athlete in Training: Swimmer

Essential Investigative Questions and Prompts:

State the task in your own words, and why it is important to you and to others (in your community and the world wide community):

- This task is to create a workout plan to a specific athlete for the purpose of training the athlete to be their best. As a swimmer, it is very easy to train in hawaii and around the world and is also very beneficial to your health. it is important to excersise to make you healthier and live a long, happier life. As a result of being happier, your possitive attitude can affect others in a equaly possitive way. When you feel happier, you do better work and become more productive, making you more successful in life. Our video will also be posted online allowing many people to have access to the knowledge to become more successful.

State how the task is related to the AoI (and the guiding question):

- Our project relates to the guiding question "how can i add to the greater good by sharing my skills and knowledge through multimedia" and the AOI, "community and service" because we are creating an instructional video to help athletes train and be the best they can be. Because we have knowledge of how to become a great swimmer, we can teach other people to become great swimmers as well. We are making a video on a dvd so our information can easily travel to one person to another. Our project aslo relates the guiding question because we are doing service in our community by teaching people to do a very beneficial exercise that will make them healthier.

Investigate and list available tools and resources and list them here:

- wieghtroom

- flip camera

- macbooks

- internet

- coaches

- classmates

- school swimming pool

- kailua rec center pool

- pacific ocean

- speacialized nutrition plan

-PE and Tech teachers for clarification

- Study Hall

- Extended Lunch

Write a concise description of the task and your solution (‘Design Brief’) addressing ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’:

- Our task is to create an instructional video to help swimmers improve and progress in their sport. Our video will teach these athletes step by step a speacialized workout, a custom nutrition plan, and several places to go to exercises. The video will have stretches, a warm up/cool down, and exercises that involve the machines in the weight room. Each excercise will be demonstrated and explained to enhance the viewers knowledge.

Make a list of specifications that your product and presentation MUST have (‘Design Specification’):

Our project must have...

- A finished video burned into a cd
- Specialized workout
- Three Stretches
- Custom nutrition plan
- Three places to go exercise
- Works cited
- Story Board
- Educational

List 4 different sources, and cite them properly (You need at least 4 and they must eventually be in MLA format):NI

Silverman, Steve. "Muscles Used In Competitive Swimming | LIVESTRONG.COM." LIVESTRONG.COM - Lose Weight & Get Fit with Diet, Nutrition & Fitness Tools. LIVESTRONG, 03 Oct. 2010. Web. 26 Sept. 2011. <>.

"USA Swimming - Nutrition Center." USA Swimming - Home. 2010. Web. 26 Sept. 2011. <>.

Mejia, Mike. "USA Swimming - Strength & Conditioning." USA Swimming - Home. 2010. Web. 26 Sept. 2011. <>.

"Swimming Strokes, Benefits, Classes, History, Tips and Information on" Medicinenet. 2011. Web. 26 Sept. 2011. <>.

Summarize how useful and reliable each source was:

my sources were all reliable because they are websites that i have used before for cross training and nutrition for my own swimming. and they are websites that my coach has recommended that our team use for extra training.

Describe a set of ‘Tests for Success’ that you will perform on your product to see if your solution was successful (Think of each of the design specs you must meet and how you can test them individually!):

- This project can be classified as a succes if we meet all of our design specifications. To be successful, we must have a complete project burned onto a cd with the wiki, storyboard, plan, works cited, three places to exercise, and the nutrition plan to turn in on the due date. we can meet these specifications by setting checkpoints in the project and making sure all of the papers are of high sophistication and value. we can make sure our video is good because we can ask other people to watch and take their advice on how to make it better.