Group Members: Katie Dalgamouni, Ariana Altman, Jordan Gonzales

Athlete in Training:Swimmer

Essential Investigative Questions and Prompts:

State the task in your own words, and why it is important to you and to others (in your community and the world wide community):

The task of this project is to develop an instructional video for a swimmer in training. It is also to help us better inform our community and ourselves of how to improve your fitness and nutrition. It is important to us because it helps us to learn how to safely and effectively train and reach our highest potential for specific sports. In regards to technology it teaches us how to use different camera angles and lighting and also how to effectively create a video using camera technology. It is important to our local community because it will inform them about different locations to train and help them improve upon themselves. It is important to our world wide community because although the locations are irrelevant the information about proper training and nutrition will be valuable to them.

As another part of this project we must also thoroughly explain and demostrate one stretch and three excercises per person in our group.

State how the task is related to the AOI (and the guiding question):

The AOI for this particular project is community and service. The task at hand relates to this because we are helping provide valuable information for the health and well being of our community. Our guiding question for this unit is "How can I pull my own weight?". This task relates to our guiding question because it allows the viewer of our video to be indpendent during training and to take control of their health. If you take a more literal meaning of the guiding question, it teaches the audience how to actually pull their own weight in the gym. The guiding question relates to us personally because it helps us to learn how to pull our own weight when it comes to working on group projects.

Investigate and list available tools and resources and list them here:

-Teachers/ coaches



-Online sources


Write a concise description of the task and your solution (‘Design Brief’) addressing ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’:

In order to spread information across our community

Our task for this project is to design and create an effective and appropriate work out and nutrition plan for a certain athlete. Our athlete of which we are doing our project on is a swimmer. This project is going to include a video which contains the work out plan and nutrition plan for our athlete. We will also then include our works cited and a group refelction on how our group worked together and how we equally divided up the amount of work. The reason we are doing this is not only because we have to create a project for this but also to help inform our community on what a healthy nutrition plan would be and also what an effective and beneficial work out plan is for a swimmer. Another part of our project is to investigate where in our community our althlete can practice. This will also be of help to our community and audience for where they could practice if they wanted to. In order to this we will create our project and hopefully be able to post it on our schools website so that it will be available to our school and out of school community. By doing all of this we will be able to spread the information we gathered through our project to our community. In our video we will be mainly focusing on the lower and upper body muscles. In the lower body mainly the quadriceps, calves, gluteus maximus and hamstrings. In our body we mainly focused on our lats, biceps, abs and triceps. We will be demostrating these excercises and stretches in a weight room or other proper place.

Make a list of specifications that your product and presentation MUST have (‘Design Specification’):

There must be a total of nine machines that are demostrated and explained throughout our video. Each person in our group must do at least three excercises each. Each person in out group must explain and demostare at least three stretches. Our project must include an accurate diet plan of which will be the most beneficial for a swimmer. We must also include three places in our community where our althlete can practice and also include all the necessary contact information about each place. Our video must include a variety of camera angles that we learned in tecch class and also create our video so that it is pleasing to the eye and at the same time very educational and well made. We must also have a script in which we ensure that we specifiy which lines go with which scenes etc. To be more specific on what different machines we have; they need to work multiple different parts of the body of which are used most by swimmers. In our video we also need to explain and demostrate all our machines and stretches.

List 4 different sources, and cite them properly (You need at least 4 and they must eventually be in MLA format):

Aquatics, Choosing Crawfish. Crawfish Aquatics - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Home. Web. 16 Sept. 2011.

"Optimal Dietary Guide | U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)." U.S. Anti-Doping Agency - USADA. Web. 16 Sept. 2011.

"Training." Speedo Pace Club. Web. 16 Sept. 2011.

Volckening, Bill. "Fitness: Starting a Swimming Routine." United States Masters Swimming; Adult Swimming for Health, Fitness and Exercise. Web. 16 Sept. 2011.

Summarize how useful and reliable each source was:

Each of our sources, for the most part, were very reliable. For certain things, such as the nurtrition, we were able to find a very good portion of information on just one website. All our sources were also very useful. Not only was there tons of good information but the sites were organized in a fashion that made it easy to read and easy to understand.

Describe a set of ‘Tests for Success’ that you will perform on your product to see if your solution was successful (Think of each of the design specs you must meet and how you can test them individually!):

In order to ensure that our product and solution was successful we will have a variety of different people and ask them to watch our video and give two points of advice. One of their points, we will tell them to say, is how our video looks overall and the second point will be about something we specifically tell them to look out for and give comments on. We will also, ourselves, watch our video multiple times in order to critique ourselves and to see whether or not our overall product came out the way we wanted to be. We will also look out for things that we might be able to fix or improve in order to ensure that our overall product is the best it can be. Examples of the people that we would ask to do this task for us would be maybe coaches, teachers and peers. This would be beneficial because the coach would be able to give us a very good critique on our video and our technique. Teachers would be able to help us with our grammar and also much more things such as opinion son our overall finished product and their personal aesthetic opinion.