How to use the camera to produce this effect or technique:
To use the camera effectively to produce this technique, firstly one must consider
an ideal place to take their photo. I would suggest to take the photo outside near
the sun. Another way you can do this teqnique is going to a studio and using strobes
(without diffuser).This will help create perfect hard light photo.

What the effect and technique is used for (how it communicates to the audience):
The technique is used to communicate to the audience a dramatized, sophisticated look in
photos and films. It comes from a small light source creating a dark, crisp shadows on the

Here's an example of a picture using the hard light technique.

How someone could use the technique or effect in the upcoming project:
This technique can easily change a bright scene into a dark, contrasted scene. This
technique could also help someone dramatize any selected scene in their short film.

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