How does Information become Knowledge?

Tuesday, February 28th (Today's Links for Class)

  1. Information Review (5 mins)
    1. Pass out Prizes!
  2. How does Information become Knowledge Presentation? (20 mins)
  3. Group Brain Shower on Issues (10 mins)
  4. Mind Mapping and Brain Dumping Practice (10 mins)
    1. Burger Time
  5. Selecting an Issue - Mapping it Out (15 mins)
    1. Question Formation Practice and link
  6. Primary vs. Secondary Research (10 mins)
  7. Article Hunt (10 mins)
  8. Article Analysis Practice (10 mins) [If Time Permits]

  1. Read over the unit. Come up with questions. Share them in the forum.
  2. Fill out the Information Survey
  3. Watch a documentary and fill out the Documentary Analysis Survey
  4. Map out 3 issues using the structure shared in class and link/post them to your portfolio document.
  5. Find 3 related articles on EBSCO or another accredited journalistic website (1 per issue or 3 per favorite issue) and do an analysis of them. Link and post in the portfolio document.
  6. Start thinking about putting together your project proposal form () Remember, the sooner you form is turned in and approved, the sooner you can begin doing serious research into your topic and begin writing your explanatory essay.