MYP Design Tech 5

Unit 1: Introduction to the Design Cycle: Athletes in Training

Essential Question: How can I pull my own weight?

Context: Each year, thousands of teens in Hawaii participate in both organized and unorganized sporting events and practices. Those who spend more time properly preparing themselves through practice will have a better chance of succeeding at game time. Quality coaching, nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and weight training are essential for athletes to perform at their greatest potential. Unfortunately, not all student athletes have access to these resources and training methods to help them in the sports they participate in.

Challenge: This year, PE and Design Tech are teaming up to have you create instructional training videos for student athletes and coaches. These videos would help teens improve their athletic performance through a combination of nutritional and exercised based strategies and plans. Student groups will be formed to create these videos using the Design Cycle to help answer the question: How can I pull my weight?


Introduction: Wednesday, September 7th, 2011– In Class

Investigation Due Date: Wednesday, September 7th, 2011– In Class (Wiki Page)

Design Due Date: Wednesday, September 7th, 2011– In Class

Plan Due Date: Wednesday, September 7th, 2011– In Class

Create Due Date: Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 – Online and Drop Box

Evaluate Due Date: Monday, September 26th, 2011 – Online and Drop Box

Areas of Interaction:

Community and Service

How can I add to the greater good by sharing my skills and knowledge through multimedia


Any programs on the school or your personal computers, other students, your teachers, etc… Specifically, the Multimedia Center has digital video equipment that can be borrowed and checked out for educational uses, provided you are trustworthy and have received training Mr. Connors that you know what you’re doing. This equipment includes HD-DV pocket cameras, microphones, tripods, and other accessories. Additionally, if you have need of the schools green screen or set of 3 key lights, please connect with Mr. Connors so he can schedule a time and place for you to use them. Finally, the high school now has two iMac carts residing in room 403 and 313 that can be used in-class (or out of class with permission) for student use to edit with the installed software, iMovie. Before you are allowed an iMac from the cart, you will need to reserve it from Mr. Connors (313) or Mrs. Burval (403).
Specifically, in addition to the great websites Ms. Sokal gave you, when gathering information, the following websites might be useful to you: (Apple’s iMovie ’11 video tutorial websites that will show you how to quickly and easily import, edit, and share all the video clips you use on the iMacs.) (Media Colleges rich media site that host a large collection of digital video tutorials on how to create and make digital videos!’

From time to time there may be more student resources that appear in the “resources” area of our class page on the Le Jardin Website. If you find anything out there that could prove helpful to you and your classmates, please pass it along so that I can post the information on the course page for everyone. Please don’t hesitate to see MR. CONNORS with any questions, suggestions, concerns about this project. Remember, as sophomores during your final year of MYP, you will come to find that you have the freedom to determine what form your video will take and the responsibility to find the right ways to make it yourself.

Here is an example video of what your final product could look like: